Selvaggio Blu Plus


From north to south on the east coast of Sardinia

Trekking along the blue coast with short, easy climbing sections, imposing rock faces, abseiling on steep rock faces or overhangs and total seclusion sound like fun and pure joie de vivre to you? Then the Sardinian climbing trekking excursion "Selvaggio Blu Plus" is just the thing for you.


Dates 2024:


27 April - 3 May 2024

04 May  - 10 May 2024



19 October - 25 October 2024

26 October - 1 November 2024


For groups (at least 6 people), appointments are available on request!

What to expect:

The classic Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) is a hiking trail that runs from south to north along the east coast of Sardinia. In recent decades it has been walked by many groups. For this reason, we walk the "Selvaggio" from north to south, so we hardly meet any people and experience seven days of unforgettable adventure through picturesque bays, spectacular grottos, impressive abseils (approx. 20 times), mystical forests and the ancient pastoral paths of the Italian maquis. Sleeping in the wilderness under a clear starry sky, socialising with like-minded people and pushing your personal boundaries are moments that you are guaranteed to remember long after your time at Selvaggio Blu.


  • Exciting abseils up to 70m
  • Crawling belt Fish dinner Cala Sisine or Santa Maria
  • Typical dinner at Piscin e Janas
  • Traditional dinner at Ovile Bertarelli
  • Unforgettable evenings on unique beaches

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Powerful Impressions


The program can change depending on the weather and conditions in the sea ( sometimes no supplies from the sea possible).

Day 1

Coile Piddi to Cala Sisine

Let's go: Start of the adventure - Strada Longa

Day 1 begins with a descent through a valley characterised by striking rocks and old trees along the so-called Strada Longa to Cala Sisine and the Sucoile restaurant. After a well-earned dip in the sea at Cala Sisine, an original Italian fish menu awaits us. We spend our first night in our sleeping bags in the covered area at Giovanni's and enjoy brioche and cappuccino in the restaurant the next morning. During our stay, our superfluous and excessively heavy luggage is taken to the flats in Santa Maria Navarra.


Day 2

Cala Sisine to Santa Maria Navarra

Long Abseils and exciting climbing routes

Day 2 starts with a climbing route that leads to the first short abseil of around seven to eight metres. We then follow the climbing route and this time abseil down around 30 metres. After a short traverse, a 55 metre high abseil awaits us, followed by a 50 metre high abseil that leads us directly to the beach in Biriola. Explorando Supramonte awaits us on the beach. We return to Santa Maria Navarra in a rubber dinghy. After a short journey in the vehicles provided, we reach the flats where we left our luggage the day before.


Day 3

Santa Maria Navarra to Grotta del Fico

Program: Mysterious caves, astonishing fjords and hikes through unspoilt nature.

After a relaxing night in the flat, Franco is waiting for us and takes us to the beach in Biriola, the previous day's destination, by boat. We follow a wide path to the left and descend a fjord orographically to the right. After another hiking passage, three abseils of 30 metres each await us. We then pass a cave and use another two short abseils. Through a spectacular natural arch, we reach a stone trench via a short cross passage and a wooden pillar. A 20 metre abseil takes us directly into a cave. We follow a cross passage to the "Grotta del fico" platform. Franco is waiting for us there with a little refreshment. Together we cook an Italian risotto with salsiccia and round off the evening in a cosy atmosphere. We spend the night outdoors in the entrance area of the Grotta del Fico, which overhangs the rock. 


Day 4

Grotta del Fico to Mariolu

Motto of the day: Change of perspective - crouching and crawling through rock holes and ribbons.

Strengthened with a breakfast from the open-air kitchen, we start the via ferrata directly from the kitchen to the top. We cross the forest and complete a few short climbing passages. We slip through a rock hole and descend into the Mudaloro valley. We then conquer the ascent on the north side and secure ourselves on the exposed trekking passages. This is followed by a "crawling passage" that ends in a narrow rocky ledge. After another descent, there are two more rock passages. We then abseil down 50 metres into an overhanging grotto. We continue over the Selvaggio to the Mudaloro. There we abseil down around 30 metres. Finally, a boat trip to Mariolu awaits us. We reach our camp a little above the beach at Mariolu and spend the night in tents.


Day 5

Mariolu to Porto Cuao

A packed agenda: hiking, climbing, abseiling and picturesque beaches

We start with a hiking trail, five hairpin bends, a few crossings and a 60 metre abseil or the climbing route alternative. We then reach Cala Golorize via a natural staircase and exposed paths. After a few hours of swimming, the finale of the day is a boat trip across the turquoise sea to Porto Cuao. There we set up camp again and spend the night in tents.

Day 6

Porto Cuao to Ovile Bertarelli

Hiking day: Typical local conditions - our highlights of the day.

We start day six with a pure hiking trail from Porto Cuao to Ovile Bertarelli. We begin by following the classic Selvaggio trail and then take a free shortcut in the direction of the "red cairn". From there, we hike to Monte Santo, the famous "big stone man". We continue on the "mulattiera", the so-called donkey path. After about one kilometre, the Ovile is clearly visible on the right-hand side. Via a forest road, private land and small paths, we finally reach Ovile - today's destination. Here we enjoy the best typical Sardinian specialities and spend the night in the covered area of the Ovile.

Day 7

Ovile Bertarelli to Pedra Longa

Highlight: off-road with spectacular abseils - pure adrenalin.

The off-road vehicle takes us quickly to the starting point of the last stage. After a short marked hiking route, we leave the classic Selvaggio trail again and descend along the steep gravel trench. The longest abseils of the tour await us there, with a length of up to 70 metres. We then keep orographically to the left under the rock. We climb up again behind a rock slab and walk through the undergrowth until we reach the wide Selvaggio path again. We follow it northwards and later southwards to Pedra Longa.

Details Selvaggio Blu Plus

RequirementsSufficient stamina for a 6-hour hike, sure-footedness, a head for heights, a desire for adventure and flexibility, team spirit.
EquipmentEquipment list upon booking
Min. Participants6
Cost per Person1550€ for all 7 days, incl. all food and drinks during the tour, sleeping mat from Not included: Alcoholic drinks, travel costs to and from the Selvaggio, additional accommodation and food outside the Selvaggio.
InfoDuration of the tour: seven days. Arrival and departure can be organised or arranged individually.
Equipment ListDOWNLOAD

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