Kletterkurse - Erweitern Sie Technik & Know How

Course for climbing in the Dolomites - Mountain climbing courses lasting 3-4-5 days

Learn basic mountain climbing techniques with a 3-4-5 day intensive climbing course.

Here we are at the rock-climbing training area where we will start learning/improving our basic techniques: the first days are dedicated to studying the equipment (ropes, stays, carabiners, etc.) and then on to knots and the preparation of a belay, learning how to use the mobile belaying devices and how to tackle the ascent as a lead climber on short climbing path in the mountains, taking into account belays and orders.

We will also learn improvised mountain rescue techniques, abseiling techniques, retreat tactics and tricks and suggestions for safe descents.

The course ends with a classical climbing itinerary in the Dolomites.

General info

Date: from April to November on request

Participants: 2-4 persons

Requirements: basic knowledge of sport climbing

Services offered: supply of missing technical equipment, half board service

Cost of the 3-day course and 2 days of half board service: ?

2 persons - from 730€/person

3 persons - from 530€/person

4 persons - from 430€/person

Cost 4-day course - 3x half board:

2 persons - from 990€/person

3 persons - from 730€/person

4 persons - from 595€/person

Cost 5-day course - 4x half board:

2 persons - from 1265€/person

3 persons - from 930€/person

4 persons - from 765€/person