High altitude tour - Indulge in pure fresh air above 3 thousand metres

Incredibly close to the sky with a unique panorama below

On the highest mountains of South Tyrol, such as Ortles, Gran Zebrù or even on the Piz Bianco summit of the Bernina massif, or on one of the many four-thousanders of the Western Alps, we are ready to accompany you on your mountain tour

Breathtaking views of the surrounding summits and of pristine landscapes await you at the top 

According to the tastes and wishes of each one, we offer mountaineering pundits technically challenging itineraries as well as easier tours for beginners


Higher and higher, up to the top of the Alps’ highest peaks

Date: from mid June to late September

Participants: from 1 to 5 

Characteristics: according to preferences

Cost: on request

Requirements: no vertigo, firm tread 

Info: different requisites based on the summit of choice